Cosplay Activities

Cosplay Activities at Conventions

There are many fun activities to do at conventions.   Anyone can sign up to participate in an activity if they want to.   For those who like to dance with friends or their significant other can have fun at the Cosplay Ball.   For those interested in meeting new friends that enjoy the same anime/videogame series they do can join Cosplay Photoshoots.   For those interested in showing off their cosplays as a walk-on or want to sing,dance, or act on stage can perform in the Masquerade Competition. For those in need of a break in between panel discussions and other activites can check out new or old anime series/movie screenings in the video rooms.

Tips and Tricks for Convention Attendees

  1. For those looking for an easy, convenient, way to plan their first or upcoming convention trip can easily download the Guidebook app for Ios and Android phones.
  2. Conventions like Anime Boston suggest following their 5,2,1 rules which state get at least 5 hours of sleep each night, eat at least 2 big meals a day, and bathe at least once during the convention weekend.